Spectrum Cannabis partners with CARP in Canada

Spectrum Cannabis, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation, is pleased to announce a partnership with and endorsement from CARP, Canada’s largest advocacy association for aging Canadians, in addition to its print, online, radio and TV voice, ZoomerMedia.

Spectrum Cannabis will be offering tailored educational initiatives for over 320,000 CARP members seeking more information on medical cannabis, along with preferred pricing for Spectrum Cannabis branded products which have received the “CARP Recommended” seal.

Spectrum Cannabis believes its appeal with this demographic, is the simplification around strength and dosage by applying a colour-coded spectrum to categorize medical cannabis according to THC and CBD levels.

“This partnership with CARP, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians above the age of 45, will help to disseminate accurate information and quality products to a patient demographic that is highly engaged in learning more about how medical cannabis can improve their quality of life when conventional medicine just isn’t enough,” commented Mark Zekulin, President & Co-CEO, Canopy Growth.

CARP President and ZoomerMedia Founder, Moses Znaimer said: “As this new therapeutic industry continues to blossom in Canada, inaccurate and misleading information can be very detrimental to patients’ health and well-being, as is self-medication through the recreational system. Accordingly, Zoomers or Canadians that are 45+ are eager for knowledge and assistance regarding medical cannabis.

“After surveying the market carefully, we can confidently recommend the medical cannabis products offered by Spectrum Cannabis. Equally important, the company is not only devoted to the science based medical cannabis of today, but also does research & development into improved strains and delivery formats for the future.”

Founded in Canada, Spectrum Cannabis operates in AustraliaSouth AmericaAfrica and across Europe. Its products are available in a wide range of potencies and formats designed to simplify the dialogue around strength and dosage by applying a colour-coded Spectrum to categorize medical cannabis according to THC and CBD levels.Cannabis Business Worldwide

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